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Maitrepierre SS21

The idea of the collection was born during the lockdown in which we were all forced to find new ways of thinking and creating. During this break that we were forced to take, the designer Alphonse Maitrepierre rethought the way he wants to create his fashion and the way he wants his fashion to be perceived. By exploring the positive and negative aspects of crisis, he managed to find inspiration in it. Inspired by the idea of scarcity that followed the 1929 crisis, «World in Progress» is an optimistic proposition on the idea of scar- city that follows each troubled period in our common History. The designer makes use of recycled clothing, bedsheets, deadstock of fabrics, but also plastic bags and waste. The feminist artist Hannah Hoch served as an inspiration for the SS21 collection. The result are garments that are telling the story of a strange and delicate world, between ready-to-wear and haute couture. (Backstage Photos by Shura Filippova)


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