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"MANGER" ETE INDIEN(s) #3 IN ARLES SEPT 17 to 27 2020

Art, Design and Food have never looked so tempting as this years Eté Indien(s) festival in Arles inspired by the theme "Manger"!

After two first editions this art festival from September 17 to 27, will take place throughout the historic city of Arles. Collectors and food aficionados can pass from location to location and table to table, for 10 days of festivities to make the summer last.

10 days + 100 events + 100 contributors + 100 venues + 1 auction

Eté Indien(s) festival in Arles inspired by the theme "Manger" or in English "Eat"! Eat. Chew. or Devour. The verb evokes, brings together and inspires.

Eating. Nibbling. Feasting. Food brings us together and inspires us.

Launched by photographer Hervé Hôte, the Eté Indien(s) turns art into an unbridled moment of sharing and inspiration, accessible to all. It unites the talents of artists, craftsmen, chefs, painters, musicians, photographers, epicureans, philosophers and visual artists who gather around the "table" to tell their own story.

Strolling through Arles in one will discover the most quirky places, a chapel, galleries, private homes, hotels, squares, restaurants - the festival highlights these artists, but also food, at the heart of the event.

#FOOD side The godmother of the event is none other than Julia Sammut, a former culinary pen, former Fooding ambassador, converted into a new generation grocer in her "Épicerie L’idéal" in Marseille.

She oversees the event with grace, young talents follow suit: the duo of experimental artists Rosa Pilpel, the writer and culinary journalist Ryoko Sekiguchi, the foodie Fabien Vallos, the Michelin-starred Chef Armand Arnal, the Bazar collective & Cie (Café de la Roquette, Palais bookstore, Bazar café and Hôtel Voltaire) or even the twenty or so partner restaurateurs provide 10 days of explosive and local gastronomy, where eating with your fingers and tasting with your eyes is highly recommended!

#ART side

French photography, Sonia Sieff is Eté Indien(s)' Artistic Godmother. The Parisian artist, known and recognized for her nudes and portraits, brings to the festival all the elegance, femininity and

the sensuality of a late summer ... At her side, the panel is prestigious and the disciplines innumerable! Are the following performances and collaborators: Drawing (Iris Marchand, Matt Frenot, Muriel Toulemonde), photography (Studio Anne Leroy, Adrien Sgandurra, Armelle Sèvre, Jonathan Pierredon, Antonin Borgeaud, Hervé Hôte, Cecil Ka), collage (Blandine Chambost), pottery (Emmanuelle Roule), music (Festival Les Sud, Laurent Bernard), projections (Miyu Distribution, Cinegraphies, Armelle & Sophie), plastic arts (Christine Ferrer), painting, ceramics (Jeannie Albert & Leï Saito, La Vaisselle Arlésienne), a plant gallery (L’Arrosoir) and many others...

#DESIGN side

Margaux Keller is the third but not least Godmother. Inspired by the Mediterranean, by Provence and very recently, by the gastronomic universe with her collaboration with Chef Gérald Passedat, the designer and interior architect takes possession of her role of design godmother, to invite to the festival the design in the colors of the South. The Allies duo, led by Chloé Maugard and Iris Marchand, creates unique ceramic creations for the festival, “combining” artistic aesthetics and everyday objects around the table.

Key moments

From the inauguration to the closing, dinners follow one one after another and intermingle to honor food in all its forms:

Le "Dîner Insolite d’Inauguration" organized by "Un quartier dans la ville" ; " La Domestication du Feu" (September 17-19),

An immersive culinary experience in the Chapel de la Madeleine (Rosa Pilpel; Dorlie Fuchs); "Le Dîner Estomaqué", an arty dinner (September 21 - Chapelle de la Madeleine) concocted and staged; (Julia Sammut & Ryoko Sekiguchi, Julia Sammut & Erika Blu); philosophical discussions on the art of eating (Marie Robert); Epicerie L’Idéal and Foodetoi pop-ups; courses on Pasta Fresca ... and many other culinary events.

// Art on every street corner

Art hidden in the Arles market (every Saturday), Loto Arty, auction or improvised galleries ... Art can be found on the walls, in the galleries and granaries like a real treasure hunt!

// 24h at Les Cabanettes.

On September 23, the festival takes over the hotel Les Cabanettes for 24 festive hours. On the program, a kids-friendly afternoon with barbecue and activities, which will give way in the evening, to a dinner made in short circuit, imagined by Julia Sammut.

The brunch (s) of September 27 Le Brin de Thym, le Galoubet, Hôtel Voltaire, Maison Volver, Le petit Arles, Café Bazaar, the rocket bar, Hotel Arlatan, Hotel Calendal, Le Malarte, Monster, Gaudina, La Gueule du Loup, Cuit-Cuit ...

More than 15 restaurants meet to organize brunches on September 27. Gourmet events and eclectic throughout the city, before the auction.

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