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Milan FW, Quiet luxury at Valextra

From handy daily-use purses to innovative and original creations, Valextra does it all. You can find bags for work, makeup, a Milanese mood, your sunglasses, or even just your pencils... and more. This year, Valextra showcased their innovative genius at their in-store presentation during Milan Fashion Week. The maison offers a wide variety of meticulously designed pieces, optimized for daily use and premium quality, all featuring elegant and timeless silhouettes.

At their 2024 Milan presentation, you could find the Milano bag, for instance, featuring a magnetic opening, optimal pockets on the inside, and hooks to attach your keys, wallet, and other essentials. The bag is topped with high-quality materials and offers a premium in-hand feel. Designed to accompany your daily life, as well as that of your children and grandchildren, its timeless design and superior quality make it an ideal investment.

Furthermore, the Trictrac bag has been revisited from its previous version. This box-shaped little purse has been a signature piece of the maison for years and is exclusive to Valextra. The origami-like opening allows for easy and fluid use on the go. Despite its compact size, it offers surprising storage space for your phone, keys, wallet, and more. The wide color range allows you to choose between adding a pop of color to your outfit or selecting it as a new staple piece for daily use. An original yet practical addition to your wardrobe.

Valextra also introduced a brand-new invention: a handy backpack. It is resistant to water and stains, folds into the iconic V shape for Valextra, and is crafted from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. The Assoluto bag represents the brand's newest innovation in materials, moving beyond traditional leathers to explore more futuristic alternatives.

And last but not least, a fan favorite of the maison: the sunglass holder. You can attach it wherever you need quick access to your glasses, merging style with practicality. As we discussed with the store manager, this has remained a "coup de cœur" among customers over the past few years, and rightfully so, as it serves both useful and aesthetic functions. A handy and stylish gadget for daily use.

True to its DNA of excellence and top quality, all of Valextra’s pieces are crafted from premium materials, including top-quality calf leather. The craftsmanship extends throughout the entire fabrication process, with even the black outline on all the pieces being carefully hand-painted individually. If you haven’t guessed it by now, the indentation subtly references the V of Valextra. No need for big logos; Valextra’s bags speak for themselves. This subtle nod to the brand’s identity leads to a “if you know, you know” moment, a discreet sign of your bag’s quality, embodying what is now labeled as “quiet luxury.”

For anyone looking for quality, timeless pieces to accompany their daily errands, we definitely recommend investing in one of Valextra’s wonderful creations. There is an ideal bag for everyone, tailored for daily use and reliable durability.

Article by Camille Blanchard

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