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Neith Nyer Artisanal

The Neith Nyer Artisanal collection was heavily inspired and influences by the unforeseen lockdown. What was first intended as a side project became Francisco Terra's main project for his brand Neith Nyer.

The lockdown gave us all time to reflect, dream, and analyze in a good and in a bad way. The designer incorporated memories that went through his mind during the lockdown to come up with a collection that merges nostalgia and a vision of the future of designer Francisco Terra and his Brand. Not only does the collection "Globe of Death" represents his roots, where he came from and memories from the past but also a new way fo making fashion.

In an open letter, the designer declares that he is done with following an industry build on abuse and consumerism: "Fashion has lost its political voice". This bold collection was created in collaboration with Palomo Spain, Tetier Bijoux, D'Heygere, Denem, Levi's, Guerrisol, Lewis du Surget, Charles de Vilmorin, Alphonse Maitrepierre, Skua, Studio Aurum, Hardeman, Nicolas Courgeon Noel, Peter Jitenski, Oceane Philippe and Antoinette Fernandes.

Lookbook by Adam Peter Johnson, Louisa Trapier, Charlotte Dubreuil, Clement Courgeon and Sebastien Hernandez, Leonce de New Madison, Youssou de The Claw, Matthieu from Select.

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