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Novaé Lita a Poet From the Heart

Artist, Writer, Model, Singer... Novaé Lita is a French performer in the spotlight for her latest song "Double Je" and her past hits "Sirop",Roche” et “Kaléidoscope. With her imaginative styling and elegant quaffs she reminds us of an etherial being living to create and to share her heart with the world. On the set of her shoot with photographer Iris Brosch we were able to catch up on what makes Novaé Lita so unique and we were enthralled by the poet in her.

"I would slowly fade away without water but instantly disappear without art." - Novaé Lita
Dress Zaady represented by Méphistophélès Productions, golden boots Ginissima.

Photo/Concept: Iris Brosch @irisbrosch @theworldofirisbrosch

Production: Stephane Blanc @ibbsproduction

Make Up / Hair: Anne Arnold @annearnoldmakeup

Set: Stephane Blanc @antiquesshopping

Styling: Fodekande @fode.ka.

Retouching : Mariya Smenkomariya @retouchmariya

IRK: Where does your music inspiration come from, how do you write your songs?

Novaé: In my opinion, inspiration is. It does not come or go. It remains in silence or penetrates by the squeal. Nightmares are born at night but so are chords and dreams of harmonic analysis. (Laughts) The night speaks to the creators. It is as if, no further than my bed, I hear "STAND UP!" it is time to be born. I always keep markers and pens by my pillow.

IRK: You recently had an art exhibition. What did you show and how did it go?

Novaé: Sylvia Rielle gave me a flash of confidence. She met me the first time, the second time, I was already exhibiting in her Parisian gallery located Place des Vosges. (This is not a joke, two encounters were enough!) I unveiled six works to the audience. The grim anecdote is that I had to wear an eye patch during the installation. I suffered from a corneal abscess on my left eye, due to a Mediterranean plunge. The dome of the sky deprived me of my sight as I gave to the world what seemed to be a piece of mine. My works are alive, they breathe, they transpire. I paint mechanisms. The language I use on canvas is necessarily influenced by my analysis, I’ve been observing forms in physics, through cartesian geometry and gravity or peridynamics and kinetics (...) The work "Holocaust" is a ritual. It’s addresses both the forbidden and the sacred. To have been one-eyed for the entire month of my exhibition is indeed a sudden synchrony. I show several things in these living paintings. “Absorption and expulsion” is another piece about fixed flow and my repudiation of gearing. I denounce the breeding of the masses through the dulling and numbing of the senses and potentials. Notable phenomenon: one of the works is called "Captives" it explicitly shows the eye which sees, which consumes. The obsessive one, without eyelids: forced to see. I painted it with oil. There is a very personal nod to George Batailles and to the orphism that I adore.

IRK: You are also a writer ! Tell us about your second Book “Olibrius is a woman”

Novaé: "Olibrius is a woman" The name of my second literary work. I deal with the instinctive and the impulsive, the sublime and the appalling. Among other things, of prohibited themes sprinkled with a lot of black humor. I put in front of the stage : the power of a woman suffering from pygmalionism. Falling in love with public statues makes her an out of the ordinary character, she is free and eccentric.

IRK: You embrace the French language as your music expression, why ?

Novaé: French. The language of kings and Enlightenment.*

IRK: Would you consider releasing an English song?

Novaé: I have considered it more than once...

IRK: With your single Sirop you quickly became a hot name in the French music industry and now you have a new single ”Double Je” Can you tell us what inspired you to write this song?

Novaé: "Double Je" We all have a love story that ended badly but you don't have to wait until one of us loses their life to leave. “ I “ is another. Is my other what he/she claims to be? The lyrics is about the total isolation, sickness and duplication of two beings who kill each other with a big fire. Love games that become dangerous games.

IRK: What is the dearest thing in your life?

Novaé: First, there is a fallen angel. A deadly creature I was not expecting but met. Secondly, my wise snake Hephaistos.

IRK: What do you live for?

Novaé: I would slowly fade away without water but instantly disappear without art.

IRK: What is your favorite color?

Novaé: Bleu de France #318CE7

IRK: You have incredible style from your hair, clothing, and even your nails. How do you define fashion and how does fashion define you?

Novaé: The dogma : To be incarnated not to appear. It is the democracy of art more than the democracy of fashion. I don't consider myself "fashionable" (laughs)

IRK: The first slogan that comes to mind?

Novaé: Be plural, as the universe.

IRK: Favorite cause?

Novaé: There should be less silence on the autism spectrum and neuroatypia. As an asperger, I must have a voice for those who live / survive without answers. I wish I had answers earlier about those complex patterns. As a neurodivergent, I can tell this syndrome is misdiagnosed. The behavioral, cerebral contrast is of the order of diversity, of creative power. It has nothing to do with monstrosity. We have a supreme connection to nature, science and art.

IRK: Favorite place?

Novaé: Somewhere between Paris, the Middle East, Fertile Crescent and Sicily. But I always miss Paris when I leave.

IRK: Is your artistic persona you all the time or is there a secret you at home?

Novaé: A garden without a secret wouldn’t be a garden.

IRK: Can you provide us with the top 10 French musicians that inspire you?

Novaé: For his impeccable tailoring: Bertrand Bugalat

For his insolent odes : Flavien Berger Because yes : P.R2B

For the unexpected backlash: Léo Lalanne

For his synthesizers: Lewis Ofman

For the French-Canadian side: MUNYA

For friendship: La femme

For the shape: Corine For a romance: Nouvelle Phénomène

To increase the bpm : Sydney Valette

For those armed words : Georges Brassens

For a new wave classic : Etienne Daho

For their light : Loveni, Myth Syzer and Ichon

For life : Gainsbourg

Against hypoglycemia : Muddy Monk, Miel de montagne, Feu!chatterton (...)

Favorite seafood?

Spiny lobsters with garlic sauce


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