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On Aura Tout Vu: Couture Spring-Summer 2020.

"We will have seen it all"-translated in English from French: The concept of the brand is explained within the name itself. The designers offer an alternative concept for haute couture; which totally breaks the conventional concepts of classic french elegance. They presented their couture collection at the iconic Paradis Latin, one of the most popular Parisian cabarets.

All Photos by Vincent Vi-ix.

The collection's spirit was a carnival of punk with a kitsch twists: neon colors, ruffles, feathers, and bling applications where not skimmed. Plastic dolls body parts were highly used as an unusual decoration for the clothes.

The brand didn't do a fashion show, but fashion spectacle; merging the concepts of a fashion runway and a cabaret performance. Dancers, drag queens, levers, smoke machines and even two performers coming down in transparent spheres from the roof astonished the public with the extravagance of the presentation.

Photos by Vincent Vi-ix.

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