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Parties: Talentiish Launches in NYC with Top Tik-Tok talent & iconic artists at NYC's Roxy Hotel

Kevin Aviance, Julian Andrew

New York City's entertainment scene just got a whole lot more vibrant! Talentiish, a cutting-edge agency championing underrepresented talent in the artist and management space, officially launched with a dazzling soirée at Tribeca's Roxy Hotel.

Kevin Aviance

The fabulous fete was a star-studded affair, graced by renowned Talentiish talent like Beyoncé collaborator and DJ/musician Kevin Aviance, pro-wrestling champion and actor Anthony Bowens, plus-size model and dancer Dexter Mayfield, TikTok stars Jae Gurley and Lukas Battle, and the esteemed skincare expert and professional chemist, Glow by Ramon.

Left to Right: Glow by Ramon, Anthony Bowens, Julian Andrew, Dexter Mayfield, Lukas Battle

Beyond the red carpet arrivals, the intimate evening offered guests an immersive experience into Talentiish's vision for the future of talent management. Led by industry veteran Julian Andrew, the event unfolded with insightful discussions, creative sparks flying, and a palpable sense of talent discovery permeating the air.

Left to Right: Julian Andrew, Nick Jara, Jae Gurley, Dexter Mayfield, Thomas Lanese , Lukas Battle, Makenzie Reid

Talentiish stands as a beacon of inclusivity, unwavering in its commitment to championing and elevating LGBT and BIO POC talent. Spearheaded by Andrew's extensive experience and pioneering vision, the company aims to revolutionize the entertainment landscape by showcasing the richness and vibrancy of these often-marginalized communities.

Dev Doee , Elle LC

More than just an agency, Talentiish is a movement. It's a platform for authentic storytelling, genuine representation, and the amplification of unique voices. With its official launch in New York City, Talentiish has etched its name in the entertainment world, promising to rewrite the narrative and shine a spotlight on the future of talent.


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