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Patrick Pham "Pearl of the Far East" PFW

Once again, Patrick Pham brings the vibrant and colorful spirit of Vietnam to the Parisian runway. This season collection “Pearl of the East” includes 29 couture dresses from handmade textiles produced in Vietnam’s most famous weaving villages.

No colors or textures were spared and every look had at least one strong element. The designer opted for several full traditional brocade looks, in which Vietnamese couture techniques were enhanced. Handcrafted accessories and shoes were made with jackfruit wood, which is common construction material in the region. The ethnic influence on the collection was fully fledged when the show closed with a wedding dress that included local products such as hyacinth flowers and white feathers as luxury couture materials. Graphic shoulders silhouettes and architectural volumes also added a modern and sculptural element to the looks.

Patrick Pham’s colorful style is very marked by his childhood roots and memories of a very exotic place for European designers. Perhaps the cultural influence in his runways might be considered striking for the usual more minimalist French fashion, but he certainly deserves much admiration for proudly maintaining his own style and identity as a designer over the years.

Photographer: Sylvie LeFort


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