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Pleats, Plaid and Piping- Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2021 Menswear

Pleats, Plaid and Piping. A trio that Thom Browne is no stranger too, in fact without Thom Browne who knows where those 3 timely tailoring arts would be?

Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2021 Menswear

As an early Christmas gift to us all Thom Browne launched his Pre-Fall 2021 Mens capsule in December, which for a few minutes made me forget about the year 2020. In these blissful few moments as I scrolled though the look book, feeling embarrassed to witness such beauty whilst I sat in my favourite cloud printed Pjs, I was fully engulfed into a fashion trance. This left me wondering if I had somehow gotten lost along my mental travels and ended up in the wardrobe of Chuck Bass ( and I’m not complaining!)

Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2021 Menswear

Upper East Side prep meets hunting cabin in the woods, where bear printed blazers and trout shaped bags are styled together to create a look which you can only wish your first born son chooses for his wedding wear. Behind every pleated skirt and every piped collar is hours and hours of exquisite tailoring. The name Thom Browne goes hand in hand with the art of tailoring, every blazer perfectly fitted, every pant pressed crisply and every silhouette bold enough to stop a NYC cab without a shoulder dislocating wave.

Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2021 Menswear

With absolutely no surprise, this Pre-Fall collection merges femininity and masculinity together to birth the perfect knee high wearing, skirt spinning, handbag holding, cropped slack slicking offspring that we all want/need in our wardrobes.

Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2021 Menswear

And just when you thought I’d finished….. the hats. Top hats, beanies, bowler hats, pompoms and bucket hats are just a few that tie each perfect ensemble together. From head to toe each look is perfect. Perfection isn’t a term I throw around often so just know this collection is the one that made the last few days of the year a little brighter.

To see the full look book click here


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