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FashionCast's Christine Tucktuck & Michael Gloster Interviewed IRK Magazine's Editor-In-Chiefs and the photographer duo behind French Cowboy Mia Macfarlane & Julien Crouigneau on Fashion, Art & Photography!

Julien Crouigneau & Mia Macfarlane

From Paris, France, under a COVID-19 quarantine, the fashion photography artist couple Mia Macfarlane and Julien Crouigneau join Fashion Cast via Skype to share their amazing careers as art photography creatives living in the fashion capital of the world.

Mia Macfarlane & Julien Crouigneau

The couple describes themselves as “self-taught” fashion art photographers, but don’t be fooled, they are both highly educated artists who happen to love photography and are clearly two of the most creative people we have ever had the pleasure to interview (see links to their work below). Combining their diverse and extensive backgrounds, in 2012, they launched themselves as duo art and fashion photographers under the pseudonym French Cowboy. Then, in 2015, they founded IRK magazine as part of a nonprofit association titled IRK which promotes artists, fashion designers, photographers, filmmakers, and other creatives. The magazine, published daily online and bi-annually in print, has been an enormous success and lives up to its tagline, “IRK Magazine is here to rattle the every day!”

Think fashion-forward, boundary-pushing art, edgy without apology, and photographic brilliance and you have IRK.

Photo from BLISS issue by French Cowboy

But, it’s not just IRK where these two are redefining art photography, it’s in fashion film too. Through French Cowboy, they are methodically paving the way towards fashion films. Short film and video are the future of fashion imagery and the trailblazing creative couple are at the forefront of the artistic revolution.

Jean Paul Gaultier article in Skin Deep with Milla Lapidus photo by French Cowboy

This podcast is one of those rare episodes where each time you listen, you learn something new. It’s mesmerizing to hear Macfarlane and Crouigneau detail their photoshoot with Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous French fashion designer. And, equally thought-provoking to hear their description of the cultural fashion differences between America and France.

Winner of The NORMAL Magazine Art Competition photo by French Cowboy

Lastly, we also delve into how the disastrous and tragic COVID-19 pandemic has affected the couple’s business. Like everyone else, they remain quarantined but hopeful the virus will taper off soon. The fashion industry, however, has been decimated and is unlikely to rebound quickly. Still, Mia and Julien remain positive, confident and stoic and have a myriad of projects waiting for completion including a future photoshoot in Ghana! How else would you build a legacy?

Please enjoy and stay safe!

More Images by French Cowboy Mia Macfarlane & Julien Crouigneau

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