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Rebecca Black feat. Slayyyter: Read My Mind

The internet-born pop-stars Rebecca Black and Slayyyter dropped their new ultra fun single "Read My Mind" which is merging pop-perfection with hyper-pop elements. The song is actually so good that we wish they would form a new pop duo together, their voices and style are the perfect match!

Rebecca Black who became famous with the viral hit "Friday" completly reinvented herself since her first video appeared on Youtube 10 years ago. Her EP "Rebecca Black Was Here" is a collection of 6 songs, each of them pop perfection with a hyper-pop-twist and electronic elements. Rebecca will be on tour in America and Europe from January 2022. You can check the tourdates and buy tickets here. // @mrsrebeccablack @slayyyter @frazescreative

(photos by Carianne Older)


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