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Barbara Bui, the acclaimed designer of Vietnamese-French heritage, unveiled her visionary Fall/Winter 2024 collection during a captivating fashion presentation in the heart of Paris. During the fashion presentation in Paris, we had the chance to discuss with the designer about her inspirations that shaped her latest creations and explored her unique perspective on the world of fashion.

Born half Vietnamese half French, Designer Barbara Bui conveys herself as a confident and charismatic woman with an intriguing background.

During our conversation, Barbara Bui highlighted her commitment to crafting garments that embody a sense of confidence and freedom. A muse from the rebellious punk and rock scenes of the 70s, including iconic figures like Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones and, notably, his wife Bianca, left an indelible mark on the designer through her “mad and natural elegance” as stated in a previous interview.

The presentation was held in the Barbara Bui store, in an airy setting full of light, perfectly complimenting the garments of the new collection. Displayed on mannequins and pedestals, the pieces from, the 2024 fall-winter collection were accompanied by subtle yet noticeable decorative touches reminiscent of Barbara’s typical contrast between elegance and a wilder liveliness.

A standout feature of the collection was the incorporation of piercings in the fabric – a distinctive touch that was subtly reimagined across various garments. This unique detail served as a unifying thread, symbolizing Bui's dedication to merging sophistication with a touch of rebellious flair.

Moreover, the fall winter collection was accompanied by a short film, projected among the mannequins. Remaining truthful to her convictions, Barbara Bui explained to us the importance of displaying this montage of her creations in live-action, as her work is meant to be worn and lived through. She designs for women with character, her clothes are brought alive when they are worn and are designed to be lived in.

Complementing the visual feast, a short film accompanied the collection, projected amidst the mannequins. Barbara Bui emphasized the significance of presenting her creations in live-action, underscoring her belief that fashion is meant to be worn and experienced. Her designs are tailored for women of character, with the intention that they come alive when worn and are designed to be lived in.

In essence, the Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection narrates the tale of an emancipated woman, weaving together Barbara Bui's personal touch and her distinctive approach to fashion. It is a testament to her commitment to redefining elegance, infusing each piece with a rebellious spirit that invites women to embrace their individuality with style and confidence.

Photos and text by Camille Blanchard

And a warm thank you to the Barbara Bui team for inviting us to their presentation.


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