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Saint Laurent aware of the current circumstances and the tides of rapid change, have decided to take hold of its pace and redefine its timetable. The brand will now more than ever lead its own rhythm, and interacting with people worldwide by getting closer to them in their own space and lives.


With this strategy firmly in place, Saint Laurent will not present its collections in any of the pre-set schedules of 2020. Saint Laurent will take ownership of its calendar and launch its collections following a plan conceived with an up-to-date perspective, driven by creativity.

The concept of fashion shows began in Paris when designers used to hire models to wear couture collections in hotels, racetracks, and salons. These shows gradually became social events but it was in New York in 1943, that the first "fashion week" began to give fashion buyers an alternative to French fashion during World War II, when workers in the fashion industry were unable to travel to Paris. Paris started the official couture shows in 1945 but the first Paris Fashion Week was started only in 1973 under the French Fashion Federation. Milan Fashion Week was founded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in 1958 and London Fashion Week was founded by the British Fashion Council in 1984.

There are now over a hundred fashion weeks around the world and in Paris, there are 6 fashion weeks each year divided into Menswear, Haute Couture and ready-to-wear and this does not take into account the cruise or resort collections presented by some brands.

This haggering schedule has made it impossible for designers to be as creative. Before one fashion week has even started brands need to start working on the next show. There is no time to think and there is no time for artistry.


The Fashion Week is not only antiquated because of its harrowing schedule but as it is only for a select few. Celebrities, Influencers, big fashion press and store buyers are invited but there just simply isn't enough room.

We, therefore, commend Saint Laurent for making their own schedule and wanting to enter into our homes directly through virtual means. Hopefully with crazy fashion films. This new rhythm is a needed change in the fashion industry and one that we hope will continue past 2020. We don't think that live fashion shows need to disappear but maybe the shows can go back to the brand's own schedule.

What else will this crazy time in all our lives stir up for the better? We shall see!!!

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