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Fashion designer Shangguan Zhe who graduated from Xiamen University back in 2007 is head of the latest emerging Chinese streetwear brand. The AW20 show was presented in the heart of the Marais in Paris in a trendy spacious salon lit in Ultra Violet lights that reflected the iconic neon green of the brand.

Talented Zhe was inspired by the poem called « Century" a poem by the Russian and soviet essayist and post Osip Mandelstam. Hinting to the introduction of the theme of defense, and military combat attire. A refined blend of military styles, iconic pop culture ranging from sharp uniforms to streetwear looks.

The monochromatic jet black collection had pops of color in the brands brilliant neon green color. The collection also offered SANKUANZ best selling « cube » sneakers in plain white or black strappy styles. There was a sense of harmony and conflict between the notions of ideology and culture.

Stunning stiletto boots with neon green bottoms, highlighted skeleton printed on tops, oversized black blazers paired with roomy straight cut pants. In addition to an Interesting new turn on earphone accessories. Never-before-seen attacheable earrings for the bottom of earphones topping of a fearless look.

Studs and edgy details on shoulder straps. Oversized jackets, pants in tones of dark green, black, silver and impressive neons everywhere. And who can forget designer hinted to the trendy new collaboration with Adidas originals planned to be released this upcoming Spring.


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