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Setting the Focus at Paris Photo.

This weekend photography and art enthusiasts from all backgrounds gathered at the Grand Palais to attend the 23rd edition of the largest photography fair in Europe: Paris Photo.

"Africa/Afrique", Edward Burtynsky. Photo by Antonio SO

Abounding hallways filled with photographs from all styles and eras transformed the majestic building into a dynamic labyrinth in which visitors awed themselves as they appreciated the work from world-renowned photographers, as well as discovered fresh concepts from emerging artists.

This year the fair included works from 213 artists from 31 nationalities. 57 of these artists presented for the first time, representing an increase in the inclusion of new photographers compared to 2018 (38). About 50% of the new galleries presented were European and 19% North American, leaving a significantly smaller percentage of other overseas participants.

View of the fair. Photo by Antonio SO

Photographs varied in price as much as in style and nationalities. Starting from about 1500 euros, prices could get as high as millions for the most renowned photographers. However, the fair made efforts to highlight new photographers; the "Space Curiosa" presented exclusively emerging artists.

Our highlights from the fair:

Bastiaan Woudth. Photo by Antonio SO.

"KONTAKT XXXV", Máté Bartha. Photo by Antonio SO.

"Jupiter, "The Red Spot"'. Nasa, Voyager I. Photo by Antonio SO.

"They Took the Faces from the Accused and the Dead", Trevor Paglen. Photo by Antonio SO.

"Portrait Partials", Carolee Schneemann. Photo by Antonio SO.

"Cowboy Kate and Other Stories", Sam Haskins. Photo by Antonio SO.

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