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Sitting down with Maison Natan Couture

IRK sat down with one of coutures most cultivated artists Natan Couture. The 40 Year old Belgian Maison dresses everyday queens, including the reigning Queen of Belgium. There is absolutely no question that his garments are designed with royalty in mind. The quality plush materials match the structured yet sophisticated silhouette of each garment. To find out more about the collection and the cultivated Maison read our personal interview below.

What was your biggest inspiration for this collection?

The Couture side of the fifties. I have been inspired by the wonderful designers of this era. Mix of Colours and blurry prints have certainly influenced me too. I feel people are in the need of colours and this collection was really influenced by vibrant materials.

What is it like to show a collection during a pandemic? Describe the process

We have done a virtual show at "La Monnaie". It brought culture together with fashion in a place that inspires dreams. It was challenging as we had to be much more creative when presenting. The final outcome and imagery needed to be more attractive, appealing and inspiring.

How do you find inspiration during a pandemic, how is it different than before?

I mostly find inspiration by observing. I look at usage and at the practical side. I feel fashion has taken a new direction. My way to find inspiration and do research is totally different today as it was in the past as it needs to be more targeted, specific, and considered.

Do you have a favourite piece from this collection? And if so what is it and why?

I don’t really have a favourite piece. I feel when you create a collection all the items complement each other and you have to look at it as a whole. Some pieces are inspired by Audrey Hepburn and that’s probably my favourite theme.

What’s your favourite part about the couture process?

The discovery of new materials and fabrics season after season is vivifying. Drawing the prints and creating colour ranges is too. But I think my favourite part still remains the research of extravagant volumes. You can really explore and have fun.

This collection is a breath of fresh air on a cold rainy Parisian day and I could stare at the look book all day long. To get your Maison Natan Couture fix click here for more info and behind the scenes of the house.


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