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SKINLABO the New Italian Skincare System Provides High Quality Products

Skinlabo the first online Italian skin brand is offering luxury skin care at affordable prices by selling directly from the manufacturer to clients online. This new brand is growing fast because of their online beauty experts that provide one on one advise and because Skinlabo uses concentrated active and natural ingredients, and cares about the environment and people. We sat down with Angelo Muratore the CEO of Skinlabo to find out why SkinLabo is so unique.

SkinLabo Products photographed by French Cowboy

Why did you launch Skin Labo?

SkinLabo was launched in 2016 to match the needs of the cosmetics market, making high-quality cosmetics accessible to everyone. All this was made possible by the launch of a digital brand sold vertically - that is to say directly to the customer - without an intermediary. Surprisingly this type of platform did not exist on the market: SkinLabo offers the solution at the most “democratic” price.

What does being a digitally native brand mean for your customers?

For us at SkinLabo, being a “digitally native brand” means establishing a solid and fruitful bilateral relationship with the public. Thanks to the use of everything that the network offers us, we can control development, communication and sales, creating a unique relationship with the end customer, based on dialogue and exchange with our Beauty Consultants ( chat, phone, e-mail, social networks ...).

SkinLabo Products photographed by French Cowboy

How is Skin Labo unique?

Our idea arises from the desire to give all women access to high-quality skincare made in Italy, offering a unique cosmetic experience through a simple, fast, and economical process. Hence the choice of direct online sales which eliminates all unnecessary intermediate steps to offer high-quality products at the best price. Our policy puts our consumers at the center of our attention.

In order to support our customers in choosing the most suitable products for their skin, we provide a personalized assistance service: we have hired a team of cosmetologists and beauty advisers who are constantly available to customers, to give personalized and useful advice to help our customers choose the most suitable products for each type of skin. We answer and listen to feedback online and over the phone to provide an experience tailored to all needs.

How do your ingredients compare to other brands?

We develop our formulas thanks to the precious advice of our customers, to create only products that meet specific needs with “clean” ingredients: we use the best existing active ingredients to guarantee immediate and lasting results. But why are our products of high quality? Because they are not only high-quality cosmetic products but also contain a high percentage of active ingredients that determine their effectiveness on the skin. We use the highest percentage of the best quality active ingredients. Nature provides us with the best dermo-compatible ingredients every day and we use them to create products suitable for all skin types. We are certain of the results, because we rely on the advice of cosmetologists, dermatologists and specialized laboratories with which we work to obtain the most effective products.

Skin Labo is growing very quickly. What would you say is the reason for your success?

SkinLabo is growing rapidly in Europe, as is the online beauty market and all digitally native beauty brands in general. Our strengths are the quality of the products, the price and the beauty consultant service. In our eyes, women have two choices: opting for Premium cosmetics or opting for Mass Market cosmetics: it is here, in the middle, that SkinLabo is positioned, which offers a high-quality service with an average cost of 20 euros.

To date, we have 400,000 new customers, which is an increase of 40,000 per month. We plan to reach 15 million turnover in 2021 and exceed 1 million customers in Europe.

SkinLabo Products photographed by French Cowboy

You have a broad range of products for skin from botox-like serums to cellulite sprays. What is your process for developing a new product?

SkinLabo is always listening to customers: our Customer Service team answers 2,000 phone calls per week, or more than 10,000 calls per month. All this provides valuable information and advice for the design and implementation of new products. In addition to this listening and analysis service, we also monitor customer online research and market research to understand which products will be most in-demand in the market.

What is Skin Labo’s carbon footprint and do you test on animals?

Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable. Our products are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals in any way, in accordance with European standards.

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SKINLABO, the new Italian skincare system, is making waves with its high-quality products designed for superior skincare. One of their standout offerings is the non surgical lifting treatments, which provide a firm and youthful appearance without invasive procedures. These innovative products use advanced ingredients to tighten and lift the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. SKINLABO's commitment to quality ensures that you receive effective and luxurious skincare solutions. Incorporate their non-surgical lifting products into your routine to experience the Italian standard of beauty, leaving your skin rejuvenated and radiant. Discover the transformative power of SKINLABO today.

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