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Sofia Alurralde, is a New Kind of Woman!

Sofia Alurralde is a new kind of woman! She is confident, beautiful, creative and business savvy. She is what we are all talking about and don't fully understand because what she does is so very new. Sofia is a blogger and an influencer! with 300 thousand Instagram followers at @sophiealurralde and two-million readers for her popular column for OhLaLá Magazine, her opinion definitely is one to pay attention to.

Dress Xuan Couture.

Her clients are Tommy Hilfiger, Saverio Di Ricci, Calvin Klein, Swarovski, Tresemmè, Sally Hansen, Vichy, Loreal, Estee Lauder... She only works with designers that she loves. Her elegant everyday style is definitely what captured IRK's eye.

IRK had the opportunity to meet the lovely Sofia during Paris Fashion Week! She was at our release party at L'ARC and she was wearing the most fabulous silver boots. We asked her if we could share her insights into her world with our readers and also capture her Argentinian beauty in an IRK fashion editorial. Lucky for us she said yes!

So three weeks later at the famous Les Bains Paris we shot a fashion editorial with Sofia. We featured some of her and IRK's favorite Spring/Summer 2018 styles and of course some French Haute Couture designers too.

How did you become an influencer?

Very good question, I think I don´t even know it! Haha When I was living in Sweden, a couple years ago, I started with my personal blog and social networks, and at the same time I got a proposal from Ohlala Magazine, (which belongs to the main newspaper of Argentina called La Nación) to have a column every week. Gradually, I started to gain more exposure and working with international and local brands who were interested in my profile and the work I had been doing.

You are both an influencer and a fashion blogger! Do they go hand in hand?

Actually they go together, since in every kind of industry: fashion, lifestyle, beauty, etc. you could be a reference or "influencer" in that target. That's why, although I love fashion and trends, I also aim to share my trips, events, exhibitions, among other interests.

You have one of the most successful columns on OhLaLá Magazine online. With two million visitors that is pretty impressive! You also share your style on television including an apparition on CNN international and on radio shows. How has being in the spotlight affected your personal life?

I was born in a city located in the north of Argentina called Tucumán, but for my studies and work I decided to move to Buenos Aires. I have the possibility to travel, meet amazing people from all over the world, attend the best events, work with great brands, but I will always be the same Sofi who believes in God, loves her family and friends. On the contrary, this job gave me the possibility to meet even more people and share my passion.

Your style is impeccable! What are your favorite brands?

Thank you very much!! I have a large list of designers and brands from Argentina and around the world that I love. I always try to mix between brands or find those emerging designers that propose you something completely original.

Your an ambassador for several brands. Can you tell us who they are and how you started working with them?

Some of the brands I’m still promoting are Tresemmè, Tommy Hilfiger, Saverio Di Ricci (shoe brand), Calvin Klein, Swarovski, Sally Hansen, Vichy, Loreal, Estee Lauder, among others. Many of them have contact me perhaps for a "one shot" or occasional launches, while with others we have formed an alliance and we work on many projects.

Would you take on a brand as a client that you don’t like? Honestly, I could never wear any design or partnership with a brand without feeling identified with its philosophy or style, because it would not be genuine for my followers or me.

What is a typical workday for you?

Usually I have at least two meetings per day, with clients or prospects to analyze new projects or with clients to see how our work is going.

For shoots, I need more time to organize everything, because it involves a large production (photographer, make up artist, location, etc). So I always try to divide the day into what is administrative and business work, and also the artistic part and the generation of content for my social networks.

Is the image we see on your Instagram who you really are?

Yes, it's the same “Sophie on the go” (I actually use that as a hashtag on my Instagram), a dreamer and positive women who lives in constant movement looking for new challenges.

You have 300 thousand loyal followers on Instagram. What would you suggest is a good strategy for getting and keeping active followers?

In my opinion, it is very important to interact with your followers and with a similar target, even if they are not following you, maybe... who knows, you can capture their attention and they could be interested in your profile. There are followers who can like over 50 photos in your feed just to let you know their presence, and it is super nice to show some love back.


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