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SORORITY: Simone Wild SS22

In the new Simone Wild SS22 campaign, the brand is celebrating the mutual support between women and how being together can create safe spaces: "Recently, I have become aware of a special safe space. That of the sorority. It’s a safe space where women come together to support each other and be stronger. Together, they face adversity, they share a common experience. For me, it’s a safe and happy place that I want to stage." Simone wants to reinforce the idea of garments that make women feel comfortable and safe. For the production process, the designer gives the opportunity to women who lost their jobs because the industry prefers to produce in low cost countries whereas Simone Wild made the decision to produce her goods in her home country Germany. Discover the Simone Wild SS22 campaign "SORORITY" trough the video directed by Hélène Mastrandréas in which the beauty of woman supporting each other is beautifully captured:


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