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Steven Khalil "Woman in Flowers" Paris Fashion Week

This season the Australian designer Steven Khalil took inspiration from the structured, yet delicate anatomy of flowers. The strength of this collection is the great technical work of it’s plentiful and ultra-detailed embroidery, which was beaten with metallic threads to enhance the shine. This, along with the texture and volume added by the density of the work, produced a very dramatic and profound effect in every look.

The show unraveled by mimicking the flowers in different stages of their bloom. The first look consisted of a deep heart neckline mini black dress with golden metallic thread embroidery, and gradually turned up the volume, culminating in a very sumptuous wedding dress fully decorated with delicate embroidered branches.

As fashion tries to evolve as fast as possible and designers try to be constantly on the edge of the newest trends, flowers as a theme of inspiration might be considered too classic to expect great innovation from it. However, designers such as Steven Khalil manage to produce pieces that are strong enough to continually mesmerize the public, maintaining the intriguing beauty of the natural world as one of the greatest themes of inspiration for creators.

Photos © Imaxtree


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