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Brotherhood, bold music and an insurgent mood submerged us into the alternative underground world that the Tatras/Riot Hill Fall/Winter 2020 collaboration brought to Paris Fashion Week.

Photos courtesy of the designer.

The collection described as an "amalgamation of subversive culture" by the designers; mostly included large volumes, monochromatic looks in dark tones and utilitarian elements. Pockets; zippers; hiking and military boots where highly present through all the looks. Tattooed models walking with violent steps played a key role in interpreting the spirit of the collection.

This collaboration was Jordan Fresher's first show for Riot Hill, which was an impressive success for the 21-year old Australian designer. The event which was attended by important influencers and celebrities such as Bela Hadid.

Jordan shared with Irk Magazine some statements about the collection:

What was your inspiration for this first collection?

I don't have a direct answer to this. I draw up inspiration from my daily life and this collection is what I have done from the very start (the beginnings of Riot Hill) at a higher level. I am trying to create a sort of universe with Riot Hill.

Who is the Riot Hill person?

I like to think that Riot Hill is that man who runs around with people that he knows he shouldn't but he does it anyway because he knows it's like a brotherhood. Somebody who has brotherhood in their veins.

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