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TEDDY VON RANSON Fall 21... Love Letter to Manhattan

Patrick Michael Hughes Senior Fashion Editor

Film and Photography by Jon Ervin

Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

MANHATTAN ISLAND: A Love Letter to New York City “The city knows you better than any living person because it has seen you when you are alone” The Colossus of New York by Colson Whitehead.

'It was important to me that this collection be about New York City. Spending time apart was grounding and reflective but I was eager to be reunited. And though it may feel as if we lost the vibrant energy that is the signature of NYC, the colors are still there for those who have the eyes to see and make the effort to use their imagination.' stated Teddy Von Ranson

Von Ranson, chose warmth over coldness for Fall/Winter collection, a warm celebratory feeling usually reserved for a vacation wardrobe. I embraced playful juxtapositions like mixing traditional English tweeds and checks back to rayon Hawaiian prints; an emerald green suede jacket over a bright yellow wool sweater and a palm leaf shirt; a pink wool suit over a mauve sweater and a tweed hat; a red wool suit over a tan Nubuck shirt paired with ivory sunglasses; a jade wool jacket combined with a black Hawaiian print that reminds him of the city lights at night; a valiant attempt to repay NYC for all the prior love she bestowed on him.

Fall/Winter 2021 collection is an optimistic love letter to the NYC Von Ranson cherishes through the merging of East Coast and West Coast references that has become his signature.


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