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The Abundance of Paul & Joe’s SS24

Sophie Mechaly imagined the newest collection of Paul & Joe as a “sparkle to better light up the stage”. Inspired by the world of Commedia dell'Arte in the 16th century in Italy and reimagined to give power to imagine the modern woman however we want to. The Paul & Joe woman is optimistic and full of energy, exactly as Columbine was.

In the 16th century, this theatrical movement brought on stage women for the first time. It was this liberation and empowerment of women that inspired the collection, The Female Emancipation in the Arts. The Paul & Joe’s woman is not only optimistic and full of energy but also free to do as she pleases, represented in this particular collection with no mask or veil to cover her, but with abundance and eccentricity as much as it feels authentic. The presentation took place at the Hôtel de la Bûcherie in Paris. The clothes were hung around the room with big boards showing photos of them woren while the models were going around the room showing the clothes in motion. At the center of the room, there was a big, long table full of flowers, candles, candies, fruits, and every type of cake and sweet. All themed with the collection, it dove us into the world of Wonderland like in Lewis Carroll’s novel.

Photo courtesy of Paul & Joe

The collection captures the essence of both natural beauty and captivating allure. It showcases a delightful blend of elements that transport you to picturesque landscapes. Imagine the ethereal sight of white cotton voile adorned with contrasting black tassels or the playful charm of gigantic polka dots on exquisite Mikado fabric. Delicate layers of ruffles cascade gracefully on cotton chiffon, adorned with intricately appliquéd chantilly lace.

Within the realm of this enchanting house, a magical and dreamlike universe unfolds, evoked by a new bestiary that is reimagined through the lens of magnificent trompe l'œil magic cards. As you explore this collection, you'll find garments that shimmer and shine, adorned with a dazzling array of sequins, crystals, rhinestones, feathers, flowers, and jeweled buttons. Each piece is meticulously crafted to captivate and enchant.

The standout piece of this extraordinary collection is undoubtedly the embroidered bloomer, elegantly paired with snug little jackets. This unique combination adds a touch of whimsy and sophistication, creating a distinctive look that embodies the collection's spirit. To further elevate the visual experience, a fresh and vibrant color palette has been carefully curated. Picture the zesty hues of yuzu lemon, the soft and sweet tones of marshmallow pink, and the serene beauty of cerulean blue. These colors infuse the collection with a sense of freshness and vitality, enhancing the overall aesthetic and completing the captivating ensemble.

Photo courtesy of Paul & Joe

The clothes feel at first very naïve, pure, and light, but assembled with the casting of the models, the make-up with really cherry red blush and moons on the cheeks, with the styling and accessories, created a strong look that embodied the joyful, powerful, and free woman. In summary, this collection not only showcases the scenic beauty of its designs but also envelops you in an enchanting atmosphere. Every garment tells a story, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where imagination and style intertwine seamlessly.


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