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The Angels Are Not Gone

Franck and Gilbert Ros, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss

The brothers Franck and Gilbert Ros are the creators of Maison PACOCHICANO established in 1986. They are the precursors of timeless Neo-romantic fashion and were the first in the fashion industry to put the heart, sacred heart, roses, virgin, cross, Jesus, and naive signatures such as " I love MAMA " on fashion. They were also the first in 1987 to have integrated SWAROVSKI elements on the T-shirts. With the launch of their new T-shirt collection, IRK caught up with Franck and Gilbert.

Gilbert and Franck Ros © Michael Guichard

IRK: Can you tell us why Neo-romanticism is still relevant today? Today the major Italian and International Fashion brands continue to draw strong inspiration from PACOCHICANO themes and DNA. Neo-romanticism is still relevant today because it conveys glamor, sensitivity, and emotion.

IRK: Your t-shirts are rich with strong emotions and iconic imagery. Who do you design for? The brand is aimed at people of all ages, who are sensitive to trends with cultural, traditional values such as romanticism, love, or the spiritual. IRK: What makes PACOCHICANO a luxury T-shirt brand?

The PACOCHICANO Brand is sold in the most prestigious boutiques around the world such as, Bon Marché, l'Eclaireur, Maxfield LosAngeles, Barnes NY, Beams Japan, Joyce Hong Kong, Harrods London, Raspini Italy, Exception Spain ... More than 1000 Stores.

IRK: Who has worn your luxury Ts and who would you love to see in one of your t-shirts today? The PACOCHICANO brand has been appreciated and worn by many celebrities and personalities such as Claudia Schiffer, Eva Heverzigova, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Indochine, Pete Doherty, Michèle Rodriguez, Gloria Stephen, Vanessa Paradis etc.

To answer your question, who would we like to wear our brand today, lots of people always on the move, timeless, identical to the brand Like Mick Jagger .. and also people of all ages with this sensitivity. A tribute and a thought to Amy Winehouse who would have been the artist PACO CHICANO would have been happy to see wear our brand.

IRK: How has your design process evolved with the sustainable needs of our planet and more and more conscious consumers? PACOCHICANO has always been sensitive to the well-being of the planet, by the choice of fabrics, and by a controlled production made in Europe. Since the 1980s, the brand has always conveyed ecological and benevolent messages and has participated in numerous Humanitarian works.

Art Direction, styling and photography Antonio SO @antoniosophotography

Make-up Kim Bourhila @kimbourhila

Hairstyling Miwa Moroki @miwamoroki

Models Ieva, Marine and Kasia from Metropolitan models

Photographer assistant Vincent Vialaneix @plein_format


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