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Bangkok Uncovered: The Mustang Blu Hotel's Unique Charm

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Stepping into The Mustang Blu hotel in Bangkok feels like walking straight into a scene from a John Wick movie without all the fighting. Situated in the heart of the reinvigorated Chinatown, this hotel effortlessly marries history with contemporary design, creating an Instagram-friendly haven that is hard to rival.

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Chinatown has experienced a cultural rebirth in recent years, with a blend of galleries, bars (read our review on the Wallflowers Upstairs above the cafe), and boutique hotels breathing new life into the historic Chinese shophouses that line its narrow lanes. 

The Mustang Blu stands out as a shining example of this renaissance, offering guests a unique and vibrant experience far removed from the glitz and glamour of Sukhumvit and Silom.

The hotel, originally built in the late 1800s, has a rich and varied past, having served as a bank, a hospital, and even a massage parlour. Designer Ananda Chalardcharoen, the creative force behind the Mustang group of hotels, has lovingly restored the building to its original open form, stripping away years of partition walls and suspended ceilings to reveal the true beauty of its architecture.

Drawing inspiration from her first hotel, the Mustang Nero, Chalardcharoen has created a space that seamlessly blends minimalistic industrial aesthetics with the building's historical charm. Exposed concrete, original flooring, carefully curated antiques, and lush greenery breathe life into the ten-room hotel, each room boasting a freestanding bathtub and views over the bustling streets of Chinatown. 

The Mustang Blu is more than just a hotel; it's a love letter to the rich history and culture of Chinatown, reimagined for the modern traveler. With its thoughtful design, prime location, and unparalleled charm, it offers a perfect base for exploring this vibrant part of Bangkok. If you're looking for a unique and photogenic stay in the city, The Mustang Blu should be at the top of your list.


What We Love:

  • Impeccable design

  • Spacious bedroom

  • Incredible detail

  • Great location near Chinatown and Wallflowers Cafe

  • Huge breakfast

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The hotel's unique charm is a testament to the city's vibrant and eclectic spirit. Each of the hotel's rooms offers a unique experience, combining vintage decor with modern amenities. While visiting St. Augustine I discovered a hidden gem by the sea, a stay in one of these thoughtfully designed guest rooms will add intrigue and charm to your trip.

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