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Thomas Werner IRK Editor at Large on the FashionCast Podcast!

Thomas Werner, An Unrivaled Photographer Discusses the International Art of Fashion Photography

Photo by Brad Zeigler @bradzieglerphoto. Link to the podcast interview below.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Thomas Werner, renowned international fashion photographer, author, professor, and consultant calmly and dutifully made it to the Fashioncast studio and delivered one of the most compelling and entertaining podcasts to date.

In this amazing episode, Werner weaves a dramatic and authentic narrative to his rise in the world-of-fashion and gives new meaning to the word perseverance! He’s been through lean times, had great success and is clearly comfortable with his current myriad of fashion endeavors. In fact, his curriculum vitae is 24 pages!

Knowing that fact alone is worth the listen.

Werner’s depth and breadth of experience in fashion photography is so voluminous he wrote the definitive book on the subject, The Fashion Image, which has received rave reviews and been sold widely on an international basis (Christine and Michael were sure to receive a signed copy!).

But, authorship is just the tip of the iceberg for Werner. Listen as he effortlessly details the important artistic role photography plays in the fashion industry and describes the future of photographic technologies such as Instagram and video, and how varying countries embrace or suppress image technology.

Werner also discusses The Thomas Werner Projects, one of the most innovative and internationally collaborative art and education sharing programs on the planet! The Projects story is fascinating and centers around Russia and China and demonstrates the power of intellect, political determinism, and the art-of-fashion to assist in the education of creatives eager to simply participate and learn about artistic expression.

Lastly, while Werner’s photos capture the essence of fashion through images, he’s also a pragmatist. His grasp of the interdependence between fashion and photography is only surpassed by his knowledge about the business of fashion. In one of the largest and most competitive businesses in the world, artists, especially photographers, need to know their niche and deserve to earn a living.

Fashioncast was honored to host one of the most notable fashion photographers in the industry, and more importantly, an all-around great human being. Enjoy!

Link to the Interview on FashionCast podcast:

With the incomparable @fashioncast_podcast team! Christine Tuck Tuck

@christinetucktuck and Michael Gloster!

Thomas Werner Projects IG @thomaswernerprojects

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