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Threads of Resilience: Caterina Roppo’s Intimate Artistic Odyssey

Textured Expressions. All Photos Courtesy of Robert Meeder

In the fabric of our lives, each thread carries the weight of stories, trials and triumphs. Caterina Roppo, a Florentine-trained artist and textile connoisseur, weaves these threads with a profound understanding of their potential to bear witness to life's intimate narratives. Her passion for textiles, kindled during her formative studies, has become the canvas upon which her personal and artistic explorations meld.

Study on three-dimensionality, Mares series

At Milano Unica, where Roppo leads her textile innovation, her long-standing collaboration has been a testament to her commitment to exploring the unspoken language of fibers and structures. It is here that her expertise in creating three-dimensional textures and her ability to craft Jacquard flottés speak volumes of her capacity to challenge and redefine material boundaries.

Eidos Milano 2023 Galleria Ipercubo , Close Up

Yet, it is Roppo’s "trayma" project that stands as a sentinel to her journey through both personal catharsis and artistic revelation. Born from the depths of post-traumatic stress, "trayma" represents Roppo's quest to articulate the often unseen wounds etched into the landscapes of nature and architecture. Her work delves into these scars, seeking not to erase but to understand their contours and perspectives, forging a visual and emotive synthesis between reality and the subconscious.

Trayma, Scoperta study on Bartolome Island, Galapagos. 

Roppo's current exhibition explores the fabric of healing, visitors can engage with her tapestries that capture the resilience of the human spirit—a theme deeply embedded in her narrative. Her textiles are more than mere objects; they are intimate fragments of her odyssey, inviting viewers to touch the very essence of her resilience.


For Roppo, the stones of Puglia and Mallorca become more than natural artifacts; they are symbols of enduring strength, transfigured into textiles after a decade of dedicated experimentation. Through her work, Roppo addresses trauma and mental health with a rare openness, employing the EMDR technique within her digital works to offer not just art but a potential path to introspective healing.

Serie Scoperta

Caterina Roppo’s art is a reminder of the power of textiles to capture life's intricate dance, narrating our deepest struggles and triumphs, all woven into the enduring fabric of human resilience. 


Development of tests for making the wound in yarn

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