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Toiling the Fact of Life - Litkovskaya SS20

Litkovskaya SS20

Upon arrival into the “fit for a princess” venue in Paris’ Saint Germain location, my ears started to tingle as I heard what could only be an angel singing. With utter intrigue I followed my ears to the source of the angelic sound that filled the room. In a bath tub lay a red headed beauty dressed in a nude coloured nightgown, peacefully singing tunes of those that would give morning birds a run for their money.

Litkovskaya toiled with the fact of life, is there a beginning or an end? To which the garments reciprocated in an abundance of neutrally toned draped fabrics which symbolised the purity and truth of ones existence. Amongst those neutral tones were bright yellow gowns which floated down the runway, purple biker jackets which added the edge and intrigue to the slip dress underneath, and regal gold twin sets which shone brighter than the chandelier hanging above my head.

Overall, Litkovskaya’s SS20 collection bought Kyiv heritage to Paris, creating a unique approach to the fashion world and what it means to merge cultures together.

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