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Top 10: AI Artists in 2023

Updated: Mar 8


March. 7, 2023

NEW YORK — AI Technology will continue to change the game in content creation in 2023. The world is witnessing new trades in creating life-like images, audio modifications, and archived film restoration. The introduction to social apps, like Lensa, that upload self-images to form synthetic photos, creates spaces for anyone to access.

Next month is the first-ever AI Fashion Week by Maison-Meta (known for their recent Moncler collaboration), which showcases the spectrum of high-end fashion in automated imagery. Digital shows from your device are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Hereafter we expect shoppers to modify the variations of garments from data or algorithms to their preferences. A future that prioritizes variation and creative selection with shoppers is in the minds of many brands—our stand is that it lives more sustainably concerning manufacturing expenses. AI growths can make data more punctual, which means fewer environmental missteps and more remarkable initiatives toward a healthy climate.

Artificial Intelligence & The Environment

Artificial intelligence holds the goal of reducing emissions. Analysts and marketers can now study climate data in more accurate models. ChatGPT is an application that answers specific information in chat on collected data algorithms. In a recent interview, the application demonstrates that it requires more work after leaving out vital information in conversation. The building of digital fashion will resolve the millions of trees destroyed each year and the oil barrels used to get materials to the shelf. E.S.G., which means Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a term for familiarization, especially in the digital economy. It is a corporate policy statement that brands put together to demonstrate their climate responsibilities. We acknowledge A.I. design to be present in these plans for many in the decade ahead.


At IRK Magazine, we have taken an interest in this innovative technology and how it can create new ideas for the world. Below, we have selected artists we value, how AI has influenced their lives, and where they see it going.

Instagram: and

The AI artists behind and are based out of Paris, France. stands out for feeding humanity into AI. The artist tells stories about real human women in cities around the globe. We appreciate the soundtrack that accompanies each post as the song drives forward the emotion of each woman. While is accompanied by music, it represents the second generation of humanity as the artist uses AI to imagine a new future. IRK appreciates the limit breaking-fashion created in the 2.0 version.

Q: Why did you start creating AI art?

Mostly curious about this new media. We are always looking for new ways to create and explore. It is also a first step in the NFT world, as our AI images are on sale at

Q: What else do you do in life? What is your full-time job? Are you an artist outside of AI?

We do various things, such as fashion photography, product design, and magazine editing, so yes, we are artists and creatives.

Q: Do you think AI is a threat to humanity?

AI is a continuation of humanity. We are a mutation of earth. AI is a mutation of us. Humanity will die, and AI will be our continuity, so please feed it with all of our society.

Q: What is the theme of your AI art?

Mutation and introspection. We have two AI styles and AI Instagram pages. The first one we created was, and through it, we look for humanity through AI. Each image has a story and captures a moment in time in a small or big town of a human. The stories are accentuated by poignant music. Through introspection, we push AI to create “real” humans. Our second AI page,, is about mutation. It delves into the future of humanity as we evolve into something else. It looks at the future of fashion, organic life, ecological constraints… Each mutation is also accompanied by music. So far, we are incorporating music by known artists, but our next step will be to create AI-generated music.

Q: What makes your AI Instagram account unique?

We are obsessed with what is coming next, the next mutation in clothes, objects… but also human or animal mutations. We are all unique through our belief systems, cultures, construction, and analysis. Everyone is unique, which makes our AI unique. AI is created by humans using our language and images; every AI work of art has a human and an AI behind it. That is why we refer to we in its creation.

Homo Aliens

Instagram: @homoaliens

Homo Aliens is a 3D, AI, and NFT artist focusing on forward fashion. The "Black Moon" series showcases avant-garde and ethereal arrangements in a frigid, unlit atmosphere. The hyperrealistic portraits transform your senses into the unfamiliar domain constructed.

Q: Why did you start creating AI work?

When human artists collaborate with machine learning algorithms, the result is called AI art. Artificial intelligence artwork isn't just the product of a computer; it's a team effort. Artificial intelligence systems can sift through mountains of data and spot patterns that a human artist would miss, opening up new creative possibilities. What's more, AI may produce works of art whose intricacy or size are beyond the capabilities of human artists. Combining art, technology, and science, AI artworks provide exciting new avenues for creative expression.

Q: What else do you do in life? What is your full-time job? Are you an artist outside of AI?

Being an artist opens a world of incredible options for me. My profession allows me to bring ideas and stories to life. I like working on various projects, including books, advertisements, and more. As illustrators, we choose our subject matter and style, allowing us to express our creativity and distinct viewpoint. Moreover, we may cooperate with writers, designers, and other artists to create interdisciplinary and varied works. Lastly, since I like visual storytelling and creative expression, being an artist provides me with a gratifying and exciting career path.

Q: Do you think AI is a threat to humanity?

The advantages of AI exceed its drawbacks. AI's capacity to process and interpret large volumes of data is one of its primary strengths. Transportation, industry, and agriculture are just a few examples of sectors where AI has the potential to raise production and decrease costs. By allowing for more precise modeling and prediction of environmental systems, AI may also assist in tackling some of the world's most significant concerns, such as climate change. If created and used responsibly, AI has the potential to significantly contribute to human well-being and development.

Q: What is the theme of your AI work?

Art and technology are combined in fashion photography's exciting and dynamic world. I am captivated by the ability to make aesthetically appealing photos highlighting the newest trends and fashions. Innovating and experimenting with new methods and technology, such as digital editing, lighting, and camera equipment, is integral to fashion photography. Mainly artificial intelligence is limitless in this regard. Fashion photography impacts cultural narratives and consumer behavior. I may capture the essence of a brand or a moment in time to generate stunning and thought-provoking photos. Ultimately, fashion photography is a very imaginative and innovative field providing limitless opportunities for self-expression and invention.

Q: What makes your AI Instagram account unique?

The combination of style, methodology, and interpretation of the AI-generated photos is a factor. Among my interests are fashion trends, aesthetics, and technical abilities in lighting, composition, and post-production. Thus, the artwork reflects my passions and individuality.

Elmo Mistiaen

Instagram: @aidesign.png

Elmo Mistiaen is a digital artist based in Brussels, Belgium. The world of aidesign.png focuses on "artificial intelligence-generated concepts," biomorphic outdoor fashion, and unconventional designs.

Q: Why did you start creating AI art?

Last year I started experimenting with AI and quickly fell in love/got obsessed with the ability to visualize anything you can think of in front of your eyes in real time without the necessary costs and materials. How AI models generate and simulate textures with near-perfect realism and lighting still amazes me daily.

Q: What else do you do in life? What is your full-time job? Are you an artist outside of AI?

I graduated this year as a business engineer at a university in Brussels. My income consists partly of the jewelry I design and sell and partly of freelance graphic design commissions from AI editing and traditional editing.

Q: Do you think AI is a threat to humanity?

AI is not a threat to humanity; it is a fantastic tool and will only get better and more useful in many aspects of life and industries. That said, AI advances should still be constantly monitored and ethically challenged, like most technologies that affect large parts of society.

Q: What is the theme of your AI art?

The theme of my AI art is mostly hyperrealistic fashion garments combined with weird biomorphic/biological shapes/processes and animals. I have always had an interest in insects and animals. I find the intricate and unique designs by nature found in these organisms to be endlessly fascinating. How they have adapted to their environments and interact with one another is truly inspiring, and the millions of species each have their own adapted strategy and processes. This inspires me to combine this with fashion and garments on humans. Studying these organisms and their interactions with their environment can help me create more dynamic and exciting ideas.

Q: What makes your AI Instagram account unique?

My combination of highly realistic humans, fabrics/textures, and weird, surreal biomorphic features create unique and intriguing images. Whether it's through the use of patterns, textures, or shapes. These elements add a sense of intrigue and otherworldliness to my work. I love pushing the boundaries of what can look as weird as possible while still looking realistic and having the ability to make people second guess at first sight if the images are actual real photographs or not.

Land of Arca

Instagram: @landofarca