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Victoria/Tomas Fall-Winter 2023: An Olfactory Experience

The French ready-to-wear brand Victoria/Tomas established in 2012 by Victoria and Tomas presented their Fall-Winter 2023 collection during the Paris Fashion Week with a special collaboration with the fragrance brand Caron. @victoriatomasofficial

The garments of the winter collection were inspired by three fragrances: Tabac Blond, Pour Un Homme de Caron and Musc Oli. They were created in different times with the oldest one of the three perfumes, Tabac Blond, being created in 1919 giving the collection a hint of nostalgia. The perfume was originally created for men but were then adopted by women as a symbol of emancipation in the roaring twenties. This perfume underlines the aspects of tomboy style in the collection merging the masculine with the feminine and blurring the lines.

The second perfume, Pour Un Homme De Caron was created in 1934 and combines lavender and vanilla, reflecting the softer side of the collection and the idea to tell stories trough clothing and the importance of enjoying fashion and making it fun and colourful just like the perfume bottles in eye-catching colours that the models were wearing like ultra-trendy bags on the runway.

The third perfume that the collection was inspired from “Musc Oli” was created recently in 2023 in a co-creation between Olivia Rothschild and Jean Jacques, the in-house perfumer of Carbon. It inspired the collection’s contemporary and ultra-modern aspect and the sci-fi inspired garments.

With the idea of merging the DNA of different perfumes, the brand delivers a collection that is mixing nostalgia and future, the roaring twenties and sci-fi, the masculine and feminine while still keeping the recognisable style of Victoria/Tomas that we love to see each season during Paris Fashion Week.


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