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Vitelli FW21

In 2021 Vitelli will propose a single collection in multiple releases, continuing the “Cosmic Youth” series inspired by the Afro-cosmic scene of the 1980s. A youth movement born in the North-East of Italy in conjunction with the opening of the Cosmic Club in 1979, which lasted a few years, but which continues to inspire Vitelli’s collections today: clubs as a non-place for gathering and escapism, the desire to decolonize oneself through music, the journey through imagination... these are all main themes of an almost forgotten subculture. The first part of the “Cosmic Youth” 2021, presented during the MFW in the form of a short film entitled “Il Lettóne” (Big Bed), evokes one - of the many - parallel dimen-sions generated by the current lockdown plus curfew conditions: youth gathers in small groups, by evening, in apartments shared by more people... 10 pm comes too early, they could no longer move, and decide to stay and spend the night together. That is how “Big Beds” happen.


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