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The Italian Brand is presenting their Spring-Summer Collection "Cosmic Youth".

The 8th collection of the Italian brand Vitelli is entitled "Gioventù Cosmica" (Cosmic Youth) and is taking us on a surreal trip to the bottom of the sea and up to the surface again: refreshed and reinovated. The collection makes references to tales taking place at and in the depths of the sea while using responsible processes merging an artistic vision with the aspect of eco responsibility which is of such an importance nowadays.

The brands style is referenced as a "luxury-freak concept" which underlines the italian know-how of creating garments while not forgetting about the creative part. The collection, that was created in collaboration with Bloke, Marsèll, Rayon Vert and Cremate included the brands signature style of knitwear but expanding the range to to silk suits, pants and jackets, shirts and blouse for the first time.


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