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"Welt am Draht (World on a Wire)" GmbH Autumn 2021

GmbH A/W 2021

What seems like a lifetime in reality has only been months. The world has continued on, living and functioning behind the bright lights of computer screens.

Welt Am Draht (World on a Wire)’ is perfectly put as the title of the GmbH Autumn 2021 collection. According to Creative Directors Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik, the title is acquired from a 1970s Rainer Werner Fassbinder sci-fi series that, “suggests that this entire world exists entirely inside another world, perhaps as a computer simulation.”

GmbH A/W 2021

The men’s collection explores silhouettes and techniques from mid-century couture and in turn leaves viewers to reflect on the past with a sense of hope for the future. There is a universal experience to the current anxious climate that GmbH responds with Autumn 2021 making clothes of dreams as a counter-escape from our current reality of anxiety and uncertainty.

GmbH A/W 2021

"All the garments suggest a life anywhere, but inside out homes. Whether it means going to the opera or the club, hiking, skiing, horse riding or cruising. You choose your adventure."

The off the shoulder crossover tailoring at the core of the tubular silhouette is reimagined through variants of textiles and colors in a sea of neutrals. 'Welt Am Draht' experiments with knitwear, jersey, quilted satin, suited wool, faux-fur, and vegan leather. GmbH for every occasion and for any adventure.

As the designers of GmbH breathe new life into the mundane, it only made sense to debut the brand's first in-house line of footwear: vegan leather boots.

GmbH A/W 2021

Life outside of our homes is a dream for now, but a reality in the future.

This collection successfully executes garments that bring our dreams to our current reality.

GmbH Autumn 2021 reminds viewers that a new reality will return once more and that the adventure of life continues…even when the world is on a wire.

GmbH A/W 2021


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