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AN IRREPROCHABLE MONUMENTAL IMPRESSION by WhiteWall called the Masterprint, its latest technological revolution developed through a process unique in the world. A world first in the field of fine art photography, the Frechen photo lab (Cologne, Germany) pushes back the limits of photographic printing by reaching, with the Masterprint, a previously unimaginable format: 500cm x 240cm, the photos being reproduced to perfection and laminated under premium acrylic glass. Specially developed for art photographers, galleries, museums and photography enthusiasts, sensitive to the quality and precision of details, the Masterprint brings together all the technical and artisanal know-how of WhiteWall to allow a reproduction of flawless images in very large format.

For the launch of the Masterprint, WhiteWall created a virtual showroom in order to present this innovation to photographers and gallery owners through the world. In the future, the Masterprint will be exhibited in stores around the world, it is already possible to have a virtual first impression of its unusual dimensions.

"It took four years of research, development and testing. With the Masterprint, we clearly stand out from all other photo labs, because we are the only ones capable of producing it. This underlines our importance in the global market. "Alexander Nieswandt, Founder and CEO of WhiteWall In 2020 WhiteWall has already convinced the jury of the TIPA World Awards with this product and was awarded for the third time best photo lab in the world." Masterprint fully meets the demands of photographers and artists who use professional high-resolution cameras and lenses, ”said the TIPA jury, justifying their decision.

High resolution Fine Art pigment print with reproduction attention to detail With this new production method, photographers and artist photographers can use very large image files for the first time.

Looking at the image, the eye's perception never seems to stop. Even up close, the smallest details are reproduced with pinpoint accuracy. Files composed of several photos and assembled for printing are also ideally suited to the print quality of the Masterprint from WhiteWall.

The WhiteWall Masterprint is available from 180 cm x 120 cm and in a maximum dimension of 500 cm x 240 cm. It is laminated under an acrylic glass surface 4 or 5 mm thick depending on the size of the work.

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