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The YANINA Couture Spring-Summer 2022 collection is a manifesto in and of itself. Yulia Yanina offers a vibrant ode to liberty, beauty, and sincerity, full of grace and zeal, a luminous palette, an ecstatic atmosphere, and a rainbow of emotions synonymous with sunny horizons. This feeling of happiness is especially valuable nowadays, when we recall the times when we could travel and appreciate the moments with our loved ones, the sun, the ocean, the wind...

This 60s-inspired ode to freedom serves as a vibrant inspiration for the Spring-Summer 2022 collection. We sense the resonances of a daring and vulnerable woman, as exemplified by icons such as Veruschka, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and Marisa Berenson. 

The looks all as graceful as they are vibrant, and they are all extravagant. Sonia Delaunay's joyful colors pay homage to Yulia Yanina's Russian heritage, which is a fundamental imprint in her creations. A rainbow palette, shiny and delicate, light and deep, natural and transparent. Sunny fields, petals, spring greens, weightless clouds dancing in the heavens, and overflowing with joy are depicted. The Silhouettes offer a refined look that translates to lightness and a desire to fly high. The emphasis is on opulent, voluminous capes made of thousands of layers of lightweight fabrics.


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