“GARDEN OF EDEN” issue #6 celebrates a convergence of creativity across increasingly diverse channels and encouraging an expanded cross-cultural dialog. The Garden Of Eden is our ode to nature, the environment, forbidden fruits, secret Gardens and to the importance of a green mindset. 

In this issue we present you with a garden of visual and intellectual earthly delights that include insigthful articles articles by Stacy Seiler on Michael de Feo, Natasha Hall on Liminality, Artemis Herber for In Paradisium, Mia MacFarlane on the book The Fashion Image, Flore Lattanzio on Mai Lan and Vivien Westwood, and Thomas Wener on photographer Danielle van Zadelhoff, and Russia’s leading contemporary artists AES+F. 

There are also 9 fashion/art editorials inspired from the issue’s theme by photographers, Shiori Akiba, Iris Brosch, French Cowboy, Marta Bevacqua, Karl Doyle, Sandra Fourqui, Heidi Niemala, Tian Lui, and Gary Chew. 

IRK Magazine, Garden of Eden issue 6 (print)