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IRK’s spring/summer 2019 issue "Story Time", touches many of the rich visual and cultural narratives associated with battle, character, la femme fatale, war and psychosis to philanthropic value, design, games and getting swept away. Further, the issue leads to the tension of a duel, then returning to another beginning at a gas station. Prepare yourself for spring’s rich visual and written tour.  


This issue’s highlights include Schiaparelli at the opera with an exclusive interview with Bertand Guyon the house’s Art Director. IRK ‘s Story Time issue also explores visual tales such as setting the scene for the future with Fotografiska a privately owned and operated photographic museum serving as the societal storyteller of the past, present and a more conscious future. Cinematic imagination and intimacy are the story telling nuances of Formento & Formento  an artistic couple that works with references from the past to create a sensual contemporary vision. 


Reflections are also part of the Story Time issue of famed photographer Jean-Daniel Lorieux’s sinuous career path to Jacques Olivar, voyage, photographic art and beginning.   If you were to tell a story visually, written or conversationally what would your first words be?  This is IRK’s eighths issue or perhaps it would be better stated, round eight! Our Spring 2019 story begins with… “What does it take to make a Champion?” 

IRK Magazine, "STORY TIME" issue 8, (Digital DPF)

  • Digital PDF, Pages: 160


  • The IRK team will send you an email with a link to the PDF. Please give us two work days to get it to you. We will try to get it to you sooner. 

    Thank you for your understanding 

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