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Receieve September 20! IRK’s Fall/Winter 2019/20 issue “SKIN DEEP” touches upon the beauty of diversity, race in fashion, leaving skin real and un-retouched, how a superficial layer can hide the truth or reveal it, and of course luxury skin treatments. This rich issue theme is illustrated with exclusive interviews with Frances greatest living designer JEAN PAUL GAULTIER and his dedication to all us “Freaks”, ANGELA SARAFYN from WEST WORLD on being an Armenian American, TK AND CIPRIANA TWINS on race and love, and Nova’s Art Director and one of the UKs most influential photographers on diversity HARRY PECCINOTTI who goes in depth on his fight to show women of color in fashion magazines, his brave willingness to leave his photos unretouched, and his raw, natural and sexy nudes. We also go in-depth into the history of diversity and we have interviews with several other fashion designers and industry experts on this ongoing fight. For skin care we feature luxury skin care brands including YSL, DIOR and GUERLIN cosmetics. We also have exclusive fashion, beauty, and artistic nude photography inspired by the theme revealing the beauty of SKIN!!! 

IRK Magazine "SKIN DEEP" issue 9 (Digital PDF)

  • Digital PDF, Pages: 160

  • The IRK team will send you an email with a link to the PDF. Please give us two work days to get it to you. We will try to get it to you sooner. 

    Thank you for your understanding 

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